Investigative Method


    The principles and practice of functional medicine molecular Sciences are applied to assess internal metabolic dysfunctions in our patients.


    An assessment of organ meridian systems is performed. Appropriate recommendations and treatments are then given.


    We can visually assess the living blood cells in action. This service is not available in general laboratories. Observations can be made to assess cell quality, Cell damage, Oxygenation of tissues, blood pollutants, lipids, metabolites, and much more. This visual test gives us an indication of your body’s general vitality, cell dynamics, and function.

Educational & Nutritional

  • Lifestyles and nutritional practices are reviewed with couples by qualified professional staff.
    Recommendations are then given. A reproductive fertility diet is discussed. It is meant to improve all physical parameters that impact on fertility. There is no need to have additional expenses for diet recommendations elsewhere.
    We specialize in assessing the interactions among reproductive endocrinology, diets, and nutrients. Our advice and recommendations are continually validated by blood results, diagnostic imaging, pregnancies, and years of practical experience.

Healing Practices


    It has been known to increase pregnancy rates in IVF cycles as much as 40%, based on current studies. Acupuncture assists in blood circulation, Hormone balance, Inflammation, Pain reduction and promotes Relaxation.


    This is the elimination of environmental and body toxins from tissues and organs. Various methods are used including supplements, Herbal formula, and Ionic Detox. This process should be considered for anyone who is exposed to chemicals in any way or taking medications and generally tends to have a bad diet.