The Older Patient

MCF will try to assist you in having a natural pregnancy wherever possible. If your hormonal FSH is slightly elevated, we will work with you to keep your FSH in the normal range. Our services and recommendations will improve circulation, detoxify the body, and optimize your egg quality.

These services will give you the best possible likelihood of success when ovulation induction and sperm wash are later performed.

Donor Egg Program

  • Patient Preparation Services. This is a one of a kind service, developed and offered only at MCF.

  • It is important to prepare your body for embryo implantation. This will reduce the chance of miscarriage and gestational diabetes, toxemia, and other more severe conditions.

  • Your body has to be able to circulate nourishment, oxygen, and remove waste products efficiently from the fetus. At an older age, your physiology and metabolism may be compromised. MCF will assist in improving your health and your body’s capability to carry a pregnancy to term. The potential for complications during your pregnancy is more likely to occur without these services.

We can help you live your dream.