Male Factor Infertility

MCF provides routine testing of Semen parameters. This includes the assessment of semen count, motility, morphology, and quality.

In addition to the above, we also perform the following:

  • Anti-sperm antibody Test

  • Hostile mucous- Sperm Reactivity

  • Auto-immune investigation

  • Sperm viability and survival assessment

  • Manose binding test for sperm fertilization potential

  • DNA integrity test

  • Free radical and oxidative stress test

  • Glucose, protein, and lipid content in seminal fluid

  • Bacterial cultures, and mycoplasma

Not only do we perform semen evaluation, we provide the services that are necessary to improve sperm quality. We offer therapeutic treatments, recommendations, medications and supplements that will improve sperm count, motility, quality, and DNA integrity in over 85% of our male patients.