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Now offering Government Funded IUI and IVF services!


Some of us have our own stories of infertility, so we understand how you may feel, your anxiety and stress. Give us the opportunity to extend our compassion, understanding and our expertise to you, giving you a better opportunity to create a family.

  • Over 30 years of clinical experience

  • Being treated like a person, not a number in a assembly line fashion

  • Comprehensive treatment & support services

  • Successful programs

  • We take an integrative total body approach to infertility

  • Available diagnostic and laboratory technology

  • Our treatments have been proven to improve egg and sperm quality

  • Our Treatments are tailored to your condition and affordability

  • Comprehensive male Infertility program

  • IVF technology available

  • First trimester support & guidance for miscarriage prevention

  • MCF is your home base for international programs

  • Email availability to serve you

  • Longer later hours

Most medical services are covered by OHIP. Support services are covered by most private insurance.


Our services and investigations are not available at routine Obstetrics offices. Fertility is a very specialized field, with multiple factors that should be investigated.

The Difference


Our services and investigations are not available at routine Obstetrics offices. Fertility is a very specialized field, with multiple factors that should be investigated.

MCF has the Diagnostic Facilities, Fertility laboratories, required personnel, and years of clinical experience to offer you. These are critical in discovering the fundamental causes and treatment for your infertility.

Are you tired of hearing that there is no reason for your infertility, but yet the years go by and nothing is happening. You may also have heard, that there is nothing else that can be done for you, at other clinics. Most clinics put most of their emphasis on hormones and medications, and don’t investigate much more.

Advanced Patient Treatments


In the majority of fertility centers, the emphasis is the advances of technology, not the human condition or the source and cause of infertility. Laboratory technology does NOT address or improve chromosomes, egg quality, your general health or prevent the causes of miscarriage.

Here, at MCF Reproductive, we not only address lab technology, but also consider investigations and advances in Biosciences, Endocrine disruptors, Epigenetics, Immunology, DNA & Fertility Preservation, Environmental chemicals, Diet, Biomechanics and much more.

Our process will improve the quality and function of sperm and egg, your general health and will reduce some of the causes of miscarriages. We will also inform you on the latest research, on how to have an intelligent and more healthy baby.

Did you know…?


Did you know that your spring cleaning could damage your developing eggs. Elevated FSH has multiple causes, and not just a function of AGE! These are examples of fertility guidance that we can extend to you. Don’t settle for minimal information at centers that are too large to spend any real time, or concern for you. This knowledge and facts DO make a difference to your success or failure, and will speed up a resulting pregnancy.

SERVICES OFFERED by MCF: Natural cycle monitoring, Ovulation Induction and Stimulation, IUI, IVF Donor Sperm, Donor Egg, Singles program, and Frozen Embryo programs.

General Fertility assessments for individuals are also available, so when you are ready, you won’t be disappointed. You may be doing things that are known to cause infertility. If having a family is important to you, lets talk.



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